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Online Tools, Endless Possibilities - Launchpad for Aspiring Virtual Assistants

Thursday, July 23, 2020
Online Tools, Endless Possibilities -  Launchpad for Aspiring Virtual Assistants

The ever-changing online marketplace is rapidly growing. More companies, whether big or small, are faced with the reality that more or less they should adapt to these changes in order to keep their business going. What comes along with these changes are tools that they work with to ensure the company’s optimal performance. There are technical tools that are only used by specific types of businesses but there are also tools that can be used by everyone to help them achieve productivity.

Aside from the tools that are currently used in the market, local and international companies are always on the lookout for talented individuals who can help them utilize these tools. Thus, the demand for competent virtual assistants is getting higher each day. There are websites that are made just to let potential employees and employers connect. Surely, you’ve heard of them. These websites are used to post job listings online while also letting applicants create a profile and share their credentials.

Opportunities given by these kinds of platforms are a huge help for people who wish to work from the benefits of their home. Thus, the freelance economy is also a growing field in the world right now. By having the right equipment and skills, anyone can land a job from local and international businesses. However, the reality is that not everyone can learn these skills for free. They have to pay fees to attend e-classes or have access to modules. Let’s not go too far for an example, Filipinos, for instance, are known to give high quality and efficient services to international companies as seen with the BPO industry in the country. Filipino freelancers are also in demand in the VA community, and the reason behind this is that we have more to offer only if we’re given enough opportunities to gain skills and knowledge. That’s why in order to help Filipinos, especially our fellow Bataeños, Yoonet Philippines created Launchpad.

Launchpad is an online learning platform made for Aspiring Virtual Assistants. Its goal is to bring global employment opportunities and world-class training in the latest business software and systems for the talented people of Bataan, all for free. There are available courses on platforms that are used by industry professionals in the field of Virtual Assistance, Website Development, Online Marketing and much more.

If you’re an aspiring Virtual Assistant, you can sign up for Launchpad to start your VA Journey here: Launchpad Registration.

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