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Become the Talk of the Town: Advantages of Google Reviews for Small Businesses

Thursday, January 28, 2021
Become the Talk of the Town: Advantages of Google Reviews for Small Businesses

It is safe to assume that potential customers want to know if the products they’re about to buy or the services they’re about to avail will give them the ultimate satisfaction. One way for them to achieve that is by reading reviews left by the previous clients of the business they’re interested in. One bad or good review can actually make or break the current standing of one’s business. By being aware of that, owners should also take note of the advantages of letting customers leave reviews about their services and/or products.

Now, the important question is have you had the chance to submit your business to Google My Business (GMB)? If yes, then this article will surely give you some insights as to how you can benefit from the Google reviews feature of GMB. For those who haven’t submitted their business to GMB, you can read more about the steps when you visit our Resources Page.

Are you ready to level-up your game and become the talk of the town?

Here’s the list of some advantages of Google reviews for small businesses:

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  • Improve Brand Trust
    Are you surprised to see this claim the top spot of the list? Seeing positive reviews from real people and their real experience will surely improve the trust that even your potential and first-time customers will have for you. Having said that, this also comes with great expectations, so make sure you always give your best whenever you’re doing anything for your customers and your business.
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  • Improve Brand’s Visibility
    People talk, and that’s the great thing about Google reviews. Are you aware that your customers can share even the smallest detail about your service? They are willing to let those around them know about their experience with your business. Let their experience speak for you. Keep in mind, that it’s not a bad thing to subtly ask them a favour to leave a review of your service on your GMB page.
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  • Gather Insights from Customers
    Positive or negative reviews matters. On that note, pay extra attention to the negative ones. As the saying goes “the customer knows best”, these negative reviews about your business will tell you which aspect/s you will have to improve. Just make sure that you handle these criticisms about your services with utmost humility and understanding. Let your customers know that you care about them, and you are willing to go the extra mile to resolve their complaint/s. After all, we can all agree that what we all want is a business that cares a lot about their customers, right?
  • Positive reviews will give you insights as to which aspects you’ll also have to retain in your service. It may be your polite staff, that extra detail you included in your business’ interior design, or your promotional sale! Make sure you check your GMB page from time to time to keep track of these reviews.
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  • Higher Conversion Rates
    The chances that potential customers will choose to avail your services or products are high when they read some of the reviews your past customers left about your business. Conversion rates will follow when your potential customers know that you offer the best services. For this reason, if you have a lot of positive Google reviews, you’ll most likely attract more customers in the future.
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  • Boost in Search Engine Rankings
    A website’s ranking in the search engine results is affected by a lot of factors. Google uses an algorithm that changes from time to time when it chooses which page/s it wants to show when a user makes a query using the search engine. However, there are still known factors that can help your business appear on the first page when a potential customer searches using words related to your services.
  • One of those is having a high rating through Google reviews. If you’re able to utilize your GMB page and you’re a local business that targets the locals as your potential customers, there’s a high chance your business will appear when they search for a service related to you in Google.
  • Now that you know more about the importance of having your customers leave a review of your services in Google, make sure you take the time to check and monitor your business’ GMB profile!