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Connect, Support and Thrive | Support Local Businesses

Thursday, July 23, 2020
Connect, Support and Thrive | Support Local Businesses

Humans value connection. May it be in our relationship with our family, friends, pets, and even with the products that we consume. We want to know as much as we can about all of these to feel connected with them, to find common ground. Looking for similarities is essential for building a close and strong connection. But do you want to know what's more important than similarities? It's building trust, a fundamental element to have a long-lasting connection as that's what we are always aiming for. This is true even with the shops that we visit and patronize because the services that we avail are personal. We even have our preferences with how we like our coffee, right? And that's where local businesses can come in, as they can offer you what big companies can't. They give you the chance to have a personal connection with them, making it easier to build trust.

Now that we've established the importance of having a personal connection with the products that we consume, and how local businesses can offer them. Let's talk about the importance of supporting these local stores for you and your community. As we are currently facing a huge crisis, the local businesses will be greatly affected. The possibility that their sales will go down, and may even file for bankruptcy is high. If most of the local businesses close down, the local economy will also suffer. Have you heard of the slogan 'support local'? It indicates this relationship between the local businesses and the local government.

What would occur if we support these small scale businesses, you may ask. The answer to that is they will thrive. Isn't that great for you and your community? Aside from offering employment for the locals, this also promotes local tourism. When the local tourism scene is growing, it will attract investors giving others a chance to start their own business.

These are some of the reasons why supporting local businesses is beneficial for you and your local community. Don't forget to try to connect with them and support them for all of you to thrive.