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The history of the Balanga Business Directory (BBD) and the many ways it can help your business.

Monday, August 8, 2022
The history of the Balanga Business Directory (BBD) and the many ways it can help your business.

Imagine travelling to a place for the first time. Feeling hungry or needing a place to stay for the night, you check Google Maps, only to get zero results.

That’s what Ben Carter, the CEO of Yoonet, felt and experienced when he first visited Balanga, Bataan, in 2014 and was the motivation for creating Balanga Business Directory (BBD).

Now you might be wondering, what does that have to do with me?

As a business owner, you must recognize that Ben’s experience might be happening commonly among tourists who are unaware of businesses in the area but could be potential customers. Even locals that can’t find what they are looking for can benefit from a local directory. Balanga Business Directory could be the bridge that closes that gap between businesses and customers.

BBD hopes to be the number one directory trusted for accurate details and to provide an avenue for local companies to showcase their business to potential customers online. With the help of BBD, locals or tourists will find it easier to find the products or services they need.

Having worked with countless businesses in his home country of Australia and witnessing the positive impact Ben also wanted a way to give back to the city and its community. That is, by giving local businesses a platform where they can promote and place their business information for free.

In addition, to support local businesses, BBD provides free promotions on social media and on their website.

The government of Balanga partnered with Yoonet in 2019 for the same reason in helping tourists and citizens locate everything they need on a single platform and to assist local businesses in being found online.

With the BBD initiative, putting your business on the map has never been easier.

A big part of our mission is to get businesses listed on Google Maps, businesses are encouraged to create their Google My Business Profile with correct and current business information. Doing so will help you become more visible by coming up on search results whenever potential customers look up products and services online.

Online presence has increasingly been a must for any business, and the recent pandemic highlighted its importance even more. Everyone is now online. During the pandemic, we worked closely with the community to help connect customers to businesses when they needed to relocate. We can proudly say we helped many people continue to trade during the height of lockdowns.

Therefore, if you wish to boost your online presence, submit your business information by clicking on the link below so we can help you prosper.

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