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Make the Best Out of It: The Importance of Online Business Listings

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Make the Best Out of It: The Importance of Online Business Listings

Have you heard of online directories, electronic yellow pages, or online listings? Even if you are not familiar with these, surely you have tried using a search engine such as Google Maps to look for restaurants you want to dine in to. Online directories, electronic yellow pages, or online listings are the same, these are, as the name suggests, created to make it easier for consumers to locate the businesses that they are trying to look for. But of course, there’s more to it than that, these listings do not only benefit the consumers as they also have a lot in store for the businesses as well. In this article, we are going to list 5 importance of Online Directories for Small Businesses.

Here’s the list of why small businesses should submit their business details to online directories:

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  • Customers’ Ease of Access to Important Information
    Right now, with just one click, anyone can find almost anything that they want. If they want to look for an item that they want to buy, all they need is to search it up online. If someone suddenly had a craving for a specific type of food, they just search for the nearest restaurants that can give them what they want.
  • Customers, now more than ever, want to find what they are looking for as fast as they could. Having that in mind, having your business information such as your store location, operational hours, menu and contact information accessible to them is so important if you want to continuously drive in customers as much as possible. That is also why being included in a safe, reliable and reputable online directory can continuously benefit the operations of your business.
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  • Free Business Promotion
    Paid advertising can be really expensive but sometimes it becomes a necessity when you don’t have the right connections just to be able to reach your target market. This is more difficult when the business is just starting and it still does not have any patrons who will and who can get let other people know about the business.
  • In a way, online business listings are free promotional platforms where you can potentially find new customers. Some listings even have special features for start-up businesses just like Balanga Business Directory where we feature one local business per week. The goal of this project is to give chance and promote as many local businesses as we could. If you want to be a part of this project, submit your business details to BBD and we will contact you regarding the project once your business is successfully published on our site.
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  • Boost of Business’s Reputation
    One way to boost your business’s reputation is to get listed in a local directory. Balanga Business Directory (BBD) as an example requires businesses to submit requirements to prove that they are registered and are legally operating. If you want your customers to know that they can trust you and your products, then having your business listed in a reliable online listing is one way to go.
  • A boost in your business’s reputation can be really helpful for small businesses. Some business directories such as Google My Business (GMB) even allows customers to leave feedback about your product or service. By receiving good reviews and by being able to handle the not so good ones can seriously improve the way that your potential customers may view your business. So if you haven’t claimed your business in GMB and would like to know more about GMB, you can read more about it through this link.
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  • Boost in Online Presence
    Now that you know that being in an online listing can boost your reputation, of course, what comes next after that is having a boost in your online presence as well! It is important for businesses to let their customers know that they are fully operational especially at times like this one.
  • In an online business listing, it is easier and more efficient for business owners to update their phone number, location and operational hours. In BBD, you only have to submit another form if you want us to update any information that you want to change. The team will review the new information and will update the old information in your profile as soon as they could.
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  • Strengthens Local Visibility
    Last but not least, being in an online listing can and will also strengthen your local visibility. Local businesses are the most who can benefit from being included in a local business listing such as Balanga Business Directory. When you have just started your business, what you want to do is to boost your visibility in the local community.
  • Having strong ties with the locals, your business will have a better chance to achieve greater heights in the future. Isn’t receiving support and love from the local community fulfilling and rewarding, too?

These are some of the reasons as to why local businesses should become a part of an online business listing. Make sure you check out if you have a local listing and submit your business information there too!

Lastly, not every now and then we have access to online business listings in our local community, even more so of free online business listings. Balanga Business Directory (BBD) is an online platform created for the locals of Balanga and Bataan. This online local business directory is made to provide an avenue for local businesses in Balanga to showcase their products and services to potential customers online all for free. BBD was made possible through the partnership of Yoonet Philippines and the local government of Balanga making it a free online business listing that we rarely have access to. So what are you waiting for? Submit to our listing now!